Recomendaciones Experta internacional (Nike)

This document is prepared based on several discussions, on-line meetings, and a short visit to Valdivia in 2019. I used experiences and knowledge gathered during EU funded project «Development of biomass trade and logistics centres for sustainable mobilization of local wood biomass resources – BiomassTradeCentreII« that was running from 2011-2014. The BiomassTradeCentreII project aimed at increasing the production and the use of energy from wood biomass by organizing motivation events that engaged identified target groups to invest in biomass business and biomass logistic and trade centres (BLTC) in 9 EU countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Spain). It also fostered wood energy contracting between biomass providers and potential users.

The above-motioned aims of the BiomassTradeCentreII project were reached with the promotion of modern technologies and techniques along the biomass production chain and the consequent involvement of stakeholders, but also with promotion of wood fuel quality criteria among producers and users. Our goal was to engage the right people, to provide them with the necessary information and to help them to enter the market.

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